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Hello everyone,

We, Silga Cicilia Chisim Dulki and Babul Nokrek, are blessed to start a blog on some information that might be useful and life changing to many.  We have been writing blog since 2007.

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Babul Nokrek is a writer  (please click here to read some of my writing), Lyricist (please click here to listen some of music lyrics by me!), Web Designer, Software Engineer in Test Automation (Selenium with Java). He loves programming, teaching and sharing information!

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He had been a college teacher for last 12 years in different colleges in Bangladesh and served as a Sub-editor in a national English Daily simultaneously.

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He studied at University of Dhaka (English Literature), Drexel University (Dept of Education), PeopleNtech (CNSS, SDLC, QC, ALM, SQL, UFT, Selenium with Java) and New York Code + Design Academy (Web Development 100). He also attended more than 300 courses on IT & Business courses at Udemy, Coursera, Skill Crush, One Month, Code Babes and some other online schools. He has learnt several programming languages too. He wants to share all his learnings and experiences with all.


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ABillionDollarInfo.com will be an info ocean that will help next generation to find information on education, career, art, culture, science, math and mostly on information technology.

ABillionDollarInfo.Com gratefully welcome any amount of contribution/donation/support through PayPal! Our PayPal email is: abilliondollarinfo@gmail.com. Thank you for your SUPPORT.

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Best of luck!


Babul Nokrek

Email: abilliondollarinfo@gmail.com

Silga Cicilia Chisim Dulki

Content Development Director,

Email: abilliondollarinfo@gmail.com






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